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Boost In Confidence

Learning new skills and trying out new techniques is challenging! But when you persevere in the face of a challenge, and come out on top, you realize you're stronger and more capable than you ever thought possible!

Realizing this makes you feel more confident. You feel more sure of your ability to handle whatever other challenges life throws your way too. Both kids and adults feel their self-esteem and confidence soar quickly!

Our Members Speak Out
Life-Changing Results

“Encourage kids in every aspect of life”
“Extreme Martial Arts is a wonderful place to study. The coaches and staff here treat you like family. If the kids did something good in class the coaches let them know. We love that they get excited with the kids and encourage them in every aspect of life.”
Carrie R.
“More than we could have ever expected”
“EMA has been incredible for our son! The staff, curriculum, and team-centered atmosphere are all more than we could have ever expected. His confidence and independence have improved drastically. And to top it off, he gets a great workout! We are so happy to be part of the EMA family.”
Ean N.
“I am surprised by the complements on how my body has changed”
“I did not join the team to lose weight or get in shape really. My goal was to learn to fight still is. I’ve learned a lot but still have a long way to go. After almost two years of training and following the guidance of the coaches, I am surprised by the complements on how my body has changed, wasn’t something I was tracking. I recently decided to weigh myself just to see. My stats from just before I started show I’ve lost 35 pounds and 5 inches from my waist without even trying. Whatever your goal is be it losing weight, getting in shape, learning to fight or just self defense, you’ll meet it here!”
Stephanie P.
“given me a family that is always there for me”
“Let me start by saying when you join this gym you are not only joining martial arts dojo, but a family! I have been at this martial arts gym since I was four years old, I have grown up learning not only how to defend myself but important life skills and character that have impacted my life in the best way! This gym has not only made me the best version of myself that I could wish for, but has given me a family that is always there for me even through the rough patches. There is no words that can explain how uplifting the other coaches here can be. I highly recommend this gym to anyone that is interested, it is by far one of the best things my parents did for me when I was younger.”
Jocelyn F.
“I have lost over 110 pounds”
“After a year of being a part of this amazing Martial arts school I have lost over 110 pounds, gained knowledge of self defense and body image confidence that rivals that of my time in the Marines. That should say something about the way the instructors teach and lead by example. If you have goals these are the type of people that you would want in your corner to help you. The instructors are world champions, every single one of them. And every single one of these instructors relish the chance to share their experience. I do not have kids but i have seen what they teach and how they teach the kids and I can safety say that this is the best place to have kids learn everything from life lessons, responsibility, etiquette, and leadership. Once I do have kids they will be going to this place without question.”
Anthony S.
“amazing place to learn the art of Brazilian jujitsu”
“This is a truly amazing place to learn the art of Brazilian jujitsu. The instructors are very professional and will go out of their way to assure a great experience for all. I HIGHLY recommend enrolling your kids here. My son has been going for over 4 years to kickboxing and jujitsu classes. One of the best decisions we have made for him to improve his coordination, health, and physical conditioning. The encouragement from the staff gives the people here amazing self confidence.”
Donna M.

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